PF 2017

This year it happened more than enough. Sonny - Zonny z Hambalek Bušín was this year at seven dog shows  and only once finished out of placing. Among the other exhibitions he took 2x Excellent 4, 2x Excellent 2, res. CAC, 1x res. CACIB and 2x win the highest place Excellent 1, CAC, Club winner, respectively Winner of Special Show and 2x Best of Breed. The last two BOB we especially appreciate because it got at the Club show and Special dog shows  from the UK Judges  and at the age of five years. Sonny - we're extremely proud of you. A big thank you is also for the best handler which ever Sonny had - Thank you Michaela Hroncova for your work with Sonny in the ring. And thank you for the love with which you and Marcela care about him during exhibitions.

Our Jenny - Genevieve Dream Staff Bohemia this year did not participate at dog shows, she does not like it and last year I promised her that I will not take her at the dog shows anymore. Instead of dog shows, she had much more important duty- in March she became the mother of our litter "A". Jenny give us absolutely amazing 2 girls and 4 boys, about which she cared absolutely exemplary. Jenny - thank you. And thanks to Robert and  Hana for the opportunity to have Jenny as a member of our family.

Big thanks to all owners of our puppies for a wonderful home that each of our puppies  have with you. We are glad, that we chosed just you. I wish for puppies all the best for next  years. In the coming days you can expect from us a little present  as a thank you from us. This  year became also one more very important event - my dream came true. After more than two and a half years of waiting, we have a new member of our family :)  Little princess, Gracie - Trawden Ice Glow, from  longtime breeder which who we really appreciate - Mrs. Bev Harrison. We are honored that we could become a new family for Gracie and we promise that we will take care of her as the best we can, and we will love her just as you do. Thank you Bev. "Thank you" also become to my husband that he supports me in my passion for staffies and helps me with them.  I love you honey.

Merry Chrismass and Happy New year 2017 to all our friends :) 

PF 2017