Welcome on webpages of Lonson Staff Staffordshire Bullteriers kennel.

My husband is veterinarian and been breeding and showing dogs from his young times. Trough his and later ours house come trough several breeds of dogs - great danes, yorkshire terriers, labrador retrievers, czech terriers and english bullterriers. Male bullterrier dog Last Action Alet is up to date supposed be one of the most succesfull english bullterriers in Czech Republic. In several last years we are proud owners of staffordshire bullterriers.

Staffordshire bullterriers have emotional issue for us mainly for their curageous, optimistic and friendly nature, so characteristic for this breed.

Our first staffie is Zonny Z Hambalek Bušín from the kennel of our friend and longtime staffbull breeder Mr. Josef Klimeš DVM. From the first we want to have Zonny like friend and sofa dog. We shows him at several dog shows and he becames very very succesfull showing dog.